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Building A Successful Hood Cleaning Business - Why Chose HTI for your Hood Cleaning School?

HTI’s hood cleaning school is based on our sister companies hood cleaning business’ experiences. We want to share those experiences with you so you too can have a successful hood cleaning business. Those experiences include the mistakes that have been made, the best ways to protect your business, and what makes a good customer.

So what is the best way to build a successful hood cleaning business? Of course we can’t give away all of the information on our website, however, we can tell you that there are many avenues for you to start your hood cleaning business based on your budget. If you currently own a business that you would like to partner with a hood cleaning business your budget is probably a higher, meaning you can start off with equipment that will keep up with your growth and last longer. On the other hand if you are starting this as your first business or starting over in your business ownership, your budget is most likely lower and you will need to make money before you can spend a lot - that is what makes this business so great - because you can do just that! Starting out with budget equipment won’t last you as long, but as you build your customer base you will be able to invest the money you make into better equipment - it will make you more efficient thus making you MORE MONEY!

Building a Successful Hood Cleaning Business Learning how to clean hoods is EASY....we teach you that part quickly with our On The Job Training with our own hood cleaning crews. Learning the Hood Cleaning Business is what our students benefit the most from. We will teach you what makes a successful hood cleaning business from an administrative aspect whether you are a one-man operation, have a home office, or a large office with office personnel. We can train you on every aspect from running multiple crews to just managing yourself down to the hood cleaning database program we use to manager our customers, scheduling, and bidding. We would love an opportunity to talk with you about making hood cleaning your business and doing it successfully. Referrals from our students are available!

Own Your Own Recession Resistant Hood Cleaning Business
Let us teach you the hood cleaning business in our Kitchen Grease Exhaust Hood Cleaning School.  Our people are friendly and our prices are fair.

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