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Why is SEO so Important
SEO (search engine optimization) is important because it places your website high in the Google rankings without costs.  It is the process of building websites so they easily be found by search engines.  SEO is important to you because it does not cost you when people visit your website or on a month to month basis.  It is also important to you because people visit SEO optimized websites much more than they visit the paid site listing.  Paid website listings typically are in the shaded areas at the top of the web search results or at the side of the search results.

                         Getting listed high in the Google rankings is like owning a money tree.

Paid Promotions vs SEO
The obvious difference between a paid promotion and SEO is that SEO is free...and sometime paying can be very expensive.  However there are other differences too.  Statics tell us that SEO is searched on 70% more than the paid listings.  People I have talked to say they find the paid listings can be off the true target and the SEO listings to be a more accurate representation of their search target.  In the end, if I could not get my pages listed high on Google by using SEO (free) then I would pay to have them ranked higher (if I could afford it).  If you are wondering why I think the web is so important to marketing is that in 2009 there were over 100,000 billion web searches per month.

Websites Based on Google SEO
HTI has based its SEO optimation on Google simply because Google is the search engine of choice world wide.  In 2009 here is the monthly search breakdown:
    *Google             88    billion
    *Yahoo!               9.4 billion
    *Baidu                 8.5  billion
    *Microsoft           4.1 billion
It is estimated that Google controls 70% of the world’s search market.

Why Can’t My Website be Found on Google?
We cannot address every search engine, so we have chosen to concentrate on Google.  Some say you must be in the top forty to be found on Google (that means the 4th page of the SEO search result).  Wow.  The top 40 (forty) of 8,350,000,000 (8.35 billion) web pages. The top 40 thing may be true, but I believe you have to do better. 
Only someone with great perseverance is going to search that far.  And in the land of fast food, I think deep searches are highly improbable. 

Some say you have to be in the top 20.  Since there are 10 listings on each page, that means you must be on the second page of the SEO search result.  This is a little more plausible, but I have heard different...and I believe different.  In and SEO conference given by a large internet company, they said that if you are not in the top 10 SEO search results of Google (Google’s first page) then you may as well be in Siberia.

They went on to say for every step up on the first page their research showed a 7% increase in traffic.  Based on this, my conclusion was obvious.  I want to design websites and pages so that they will come up as high on Google as possible...preferably high up on the first page of Google.

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